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Educational Options during Social Isolation

Schools are closing. Learners are home. Families are hunkering down and self-isolation has been recommended as an effective means for containing the COVID-19 virus. But, what happens to our children and teen’s educations over the next couple weeks or even months as we wait for life to resume as normal? Although some schools and educational organizations are supporting teachers in the transition to online learning through professional development opportunities, unfortunately there is just not enough time to properly train educators. As a result, engaging and high-quality face-to-face lessons can lose their “Wow!” factor when transferred into virtual environment which can create disinterested learners, frustrated families, over-taxed teachers and an overall lack of learning.

Trifecta Education understands the challenges families and teachers are faced with and is here to help during these times of struggles. Whether you reside in the United States or not, whether you are an educator, parent, guardian or learner- we want you to know that there are some amazing, existing virtual learning experiences available for free or low-cost that you can implement today. In addition, there are ways you can integrate learning into your daily activities without overloading yourself or children, regardless of their age. For example, did you know that block play supports academic, language, social and emotional development? Now is a perfect time to explore alternate pathways of education such as homeschooling, co-learning, micro-schools and unschooling for all ages as well as discover the ample resources that exist to support families, learners and teachers in these efforts.

While you may be reeling from all that is occurring in the world right now, know that you have options for your children and Trifecta Education is here to help. We believe that all children, regardless of any and all circumstances have a right to a high-quality education that encourages and ignites creativity, fosters collaboration and community, builds critical thinking skills, addresses the whole learner and is rooted in compassion. We are already providing complimentary consultations to families seeking alternative educational pathways and partnering with two CT high schools; the requests for help are growing daily. As a response and in an effort to assist as many families and teachers as possible, Trifecta Education will be providing daily blogs, newsletters, videos, FB Live sessions, webinars, virtual hangouts and resources to help you create an optimal educational experience for your children, teens and even the adults in your family! We can help you get connected in a virtual community that fosters a love of learning, provides opportunities for growth and connection with like-minded families and educators and is free. Yes, FREE. Visit our website and subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to receive information, suggestions and resources, invitations to FREE virtual events and to connect with others. Subscribe now and receive your copy of Trifecta's Top Ten Virtual Learning Opportunities and start exploring your options.

Trifecta Education welcomes questions, requests for information and is happy to work with families, learners and educators at any level as well as institutions of education who need assistance designing and developing engaging virtual learning experiences. The time is NOW to think about the future of your child or teen’s education and Trifecta Education is happy to help! For more information please visit and subscribe to our mailing list.

And above all, may you and your families be well.

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