Individualized solutions for the growing challenges of today's rapidly changing educational environment

Now, more than ever, working parents need support to remain productive.

More than 50% of working parents are currently without childcare

1 in 5 working parents said either they or their partner are considering leaving the workforce to care for their children.

Women are twice as likely than their male counterparts to leave their employer in a year's time due to their workplace experience during the pandemic.

*according to a new study released by Werklabs

Solutions for Business

Worried about what will happen if schools transition to distance learning and your business associates need to be home? Does your company have a plan in place for working parents? Need help improving employee retention and productivity? We can help!


Trifecta Education designs and creates physical and online learning spaces, develops curriculum, manages educational staffing, and keeps students engaged in and excited about learning wherever they may be... including right in your office building!

Support your working parents!

Solutions for Families

Does your child dig archaeology? Or get starry eyed over the solar system? Or maybe want to sail the ocean and discover new lands? Or even need support preparing for life after high school? Whatever your child's passions, we've got you covered!

Our Passion Projects  are custom-designed for each learner and last an entire semester. Our learning adventures encourage self-directed learning, include parent guides and extension activities and make learning at home easy. Not only do our multi-disciplinary projects keep learners engaged, but they create and sustain excitement about learning. 

Ignite your child's passion for learning!

Solutions for Schools

Build online teaching skills!

2020 has been a year like no other for schools and teachers across the nation. Educators have been thrust into online learning environments, hybrid classrooms and face more challenges than ever. Trifecta Education's Embedded Professional Development program gives your teachers the support and  confidence they need to work efficiently and effectively online. 

Want your teachers to design engaging online learning experiences, master virtual teaching and effectively integrate today's technology tools into their lessons? We'll not only provide the training-- we'll stick around to make sure your teachers get the assistance they need throughout the year.


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