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Co-Working Hub

Collaborate. Create. Connect.

The Trifecta Co-Working Hub is a place for professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators like you, to work in a beautiful environment where you can build your business, surrounded by a supportive community. An advocate of lifelong learning, we offer professional development opportunities through our Entrepreneur Academy- we can help you start a new business, write a resume or up your public speaking skills.  Co-Working Hub members may also have Maker Lab access for an additional fee.


Flexibility.   Networking.   Collaborating.   Professional growth.   Inspiration.   Skill growth.   Less office expenditures.   No commuting.   Faster wifi.    Better work-life balance.    Creativity.                           


Why Co-Work with Trifecta?

Co-Working Hub: List

Flexible Hours

Your time is valuable and we know that schedules can get hectic. That's why we offer flexible working hours between 7:30 am and 9:00 pm. Need to work later? Or come in a little earlier? That's ok, too. Our electronic scheduling system will allow you to request extended hours with just a click!

Membership Benefits

Your membership is renewable month-to month, so there is no need to commit to more than you need. Thinking about a long-term membership? We can do that, too. Choose the option that meets your current professional needs and rest easy knowing you've got the professional support you need to be successful. (And we have snacks!)

Work Spaces

Whatever your needs, we have a space for you.  We have open desks available to all members at all times, private desks where you can confidently and safely store your belongings and private or shared office spaces for those who need it. In town for the week? Weekend warrior? We can provide you with hourly or weekend rates, as well.

Collaboration Spaces

Our open office space contributes to networking and collaboration organically. But if you need to schedule some time for a meeting, a design session, or for any other business related activity, you can reserve a conference room or meeting space. All of our collaborative spaces have modular furnishings so you can create the exact space you need.

Professional Development

Got a start-up? Need some help preparing a marketing plan? Have a great idea for a product, but not sure how to begin? Have a skill or knowledge you would like to share with the Trifecta Co-Working Hub community? We'll support you every step of the way with professional development opportunities, connections to consultants, and optional training events.

Trifecta Maker Lab

Trifecta Maker Lab is only steps away! Take advantage of our high-tech lab to develop your product, try out new ideas, learn coding, or tinker around. As a member of the Trifecta Co-Working Hub you will have access to membership on a monthly basis. Have a family? We'd love for them to be a part of our community, too ! Trifecta Education has opportunities for everyone.

Extended Services

We offer both variety of amenities to our members. Our kitchen area is always stocked with snacks, coffee and tea for your enjoyment. Audio and video rental, printing packages, health and wellness opportunities, laptop rental and even discounts with local partners are some of the ways we can make your job easier and healthier.

Trifecta Concierge

The Trifecta Concierge can assist you with your professional needs. From greeting to goodbye, our staff members are professional, courteous and there to assist you. As a Trifecta Co-Working Hub member you are provided with a support system that is well above average and dedicated to your success.

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