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The Passion of Education

At Trifecta Education we understand that each learner has individual wants and needs. Our unique approach to learning provides the proper support system to lead them to achieve academic success while honoring their individuality. We believe that learning can only be fostered from a feeling of mutual respect and compassion, and we maintain those values in everything we do. 

The Trifecta Approach

Guided Learning

Trifecta Education's Guided Learning option provides a unique tutoring environment for children and teens (ages 5-14) that utilizes a holistic learning approach. We focus on three critical elements: mind, body and heart and seamlessly integrate them into every activity. 

Embracing the learner as a whole being enables them to find their own identity, construct meaning regarding their own experiences and find their purpose in life through being in community, experiencing the natural world, and developing humanitarian values such as empathy and peace.


At Trifecta Education we are in the business of creating learners who are well balanced and ready for their next steps. We'll provide the resources, tools and guidance you need to prepare your family for their future. 

Interested in learning more about our Guided Learning program? 
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