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Choose your pricing plan

  • Family Membership

    2 adults of your choice & 1 child
    Valid for one year
    • Join us up to three days a week
    • 1 hour of free consultation per month
    • Access to free community-led programs and experiences
    • Discounted Trifecta Education enrichment activities
    • Discounted tutoring for afternoon sessions
    • Discounted and Free Parent Learning and Social Activities
    • Software to manage your child's learning plan
    • FREE Summer Membership
    • Contact us for payment plans or bartering opportunities
  • Additional Child

    For Family Memberships only
    Valid for one year
    • For families with more than one child
  • Guided Explorations

    Bundled Tutoring Services
    Valid for one year
    • Includes Family Membership
    • Part-time tutoring 2-3 days per week
    • Need a payment plan? Contact us!
  • Extended Tutoring

    Every month
    Add up to 3 hours per day
    Valid for 10 months
    • Additional 3 hours per day
    • Enrichment Activities
    • *Guided Exploration members only
    • See *Tutoring Packages for other options
  • Tutoring Packages

    Members Only
    • 10 pack of tutoring sessions
    • Save $50 over individual cost

    Deposit for 2020-2021
    Valid for one year
    • Thank you for joining our community!
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